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Green Bob takes a stand for real democracy

Bob Brown - Leader of the Australian Greens

Big respect for Bob Brown – leader of the Australian Green Party – who took a stand for borderless democracy in their senate a couple of weeks ago.

In a senate debate in support of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, he said:

“We go to war over supporting democracy in countries elsewhere around the world. The opposition certainly supported the invasion of Iraq on the basis of extending democracy to that country. When it comes to a principle of democracy being given to the near seven billion people on the planet, it seems that there is no willingness to support that ethic of democracy whatever.”

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Give Your Goat Vote!


This blog has been dormant for a while – partly because I’ve been working flat out on Give Your Vote.

A few years back on this blog I floated the idea of Americans ‘giving their votes’ to Iraqis so that they could have a say in the decisions that affect them.
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Britain’s Radical Moment

atomic bomb explosion

It happened nearly 65 years ago, in November 1945. After the signing of the UN Charter in San Francisco in June and the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan in August.

Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin, future Prime Minister Anthony Eden and Liberal leader Clement Davies all talk in Parliament about the need to rethink nationalism and introduce a democratic world assembly.

Labour, Conservative and Liberal leaders criticising everything from the UN Security Council veto to “the barriers that divide us”.

This the language of today’s anti-G8 protesters. Whereas 60 years ago it was the voice of our elected politicians.

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