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Count the Kids

I read the other day that over the past 14 years, Palestinian parents have been burying a child killed by Israel every three days. So a did a bit of digging, found some stats from the folk over at Remember These Children project and created a basic visualisation of kids killed on both sides.

Here is the data over the past 14 years. Make up your own mind.

Israelis give their votes to Palestinians in protest

I’m super proud of Shimri and his crew for an Israeli-Palestinian followup to the Give Your Vote campaign we ran in the UK in 2010. Continue reading ‘Israelis give their votes to Palestinians in protest’

Happy birthday Shane

Shane Bauer
Today I’m fasting for my mate Shane, who is 29 today.

Together with friends across the world, I’m protesting Shane and Josh’s detention in Iran’s notorious jail for political prisoners, Evin.

Shane was captured in a cross-border raid by Iranian forces while in Kurdistan in Northern Iraq in 2009, along with another of my friends Sarah Shourd (since released) and their mate Josh Fattal. Continue reading ‘Happy birthday Shane’

Panorama – embedded with the IDF…

Tonight was a mega-painful watch. I don’t know why I do it, but sometimes I’m a glutton for getting angry at the telly. I saw a few tweets from maydayblues which went a bit like this: Continue reading ‘Panorama – embedded with the IDF…’

Why is Iran holding Pro-Palestinian activists?

Picture of Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd
New Website:

It is almost a year since Iran detained my friends Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd (and their friend Josh).

It demonstrates just how empty the Iranian government’s claim to defend Palestinian rights really is.

Shane and Sarah – who were living in Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp at the time – have done more for Palestinians and against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that pretty much every Arab and Iranian I know.
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My friend Osama talks of the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid convoy

Where is our parliamentary speaker?

aziz duwek

While the UK news is full of stories about John Bercow and his role as Speaker of the House of Commons, spare a thought for his opposite number in the Palestinian parliament: Aziz Duwek (pic above).

Duwek was released today after nearly three years in Israeli prison. He was seized along with 40 others six months after Hamas won the 2006 legislative elections in the Palestinian Authority.

Duwek is lucky today, but what of the other Palestinian MPs that are part of the 10,000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons?

Heart of Darkness

Some pictures from my past few days with Josh (and his Christian Peacemaker Team buddies) in the South Hebron Hills. All the pictures you see are taken on the Palestinian side of the so-called ‘Green Line’.

Have a look at this UN map (2 Megs) to see the area (south of Hebron). The map also gives a good idea of the current restrictions and closures in the West Bank.

Hebron Hills 2008 - 01.jpg
The crossing from Jerusalem into the West Bank (towards Bethlehem). You have to go through two rotating gates, put your bags through an unmanned x-ray machine, scan your hand, and show your documents through the bombproof glass to the Israeli soldiers on duty. The colourful poster on the wall is from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, and it says: “Peace be with you”.
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Israel and Apartheid

Hasan in front of demolished house Jenin

Farmer Hasan Turkmen and his son Ahmad sit outside their demolished house just north of Jenin in the West Bank, September 2003. Israeli forces had arrived that very morning giving them ten minutes to clear out the house. There are no militants in the Turkmen family, their crime was to have built the house without a permit over a decade ago.

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Unhappy Eid for Palestinians

Today should have been a happy day for Palestinians – both in Israel and the Occupied Territories – as they celebrate the end of Ramadan.

However, more Israeli carnage in Gaza has left at least seven Palestinians dead. Haaretz says that at least four of them were civilians. So who were the other three? Militants? Terrorists?

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