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Who drowned the Salama sisters?

Salama sisters, Palestinian refugees living in Syria who drowned when their boat capsized while leaving Egypt.

These beautiful sisters from the Salama family drowned yesterday when a boat of Palestinians and Syrian refugees capsized near Alexandria. They were from Basel’s street in Yarmouk camp, Damascus. May they and their family find peace. (message from my friend Emily, on Facebook)

I didn’t know the Salama family or these beautiful girls but I spent much of my two years in Syria living in Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, not far from their house.
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Hands Off My Tips!

UK restaurant owners are stealing tips - legally

UK restaurant owners can legally steal tips – and they do.

Besides all the other things that regularly wind me up (planetary injustice, border controls etc) there is a more local issue that is seriously beginning to piss me off: tips. Or rather, stolen tips.

Yep, that’s right. My tips in restaurants are being stolen. Yours are too. And it’s all happening fully within the bounds of the law.
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Chevron gives us the middle finger

Chevron's own projection of possible oil spill in UK watersSource: Greenpeace UK

Last week, hidden under piles of news about wikileaks and student uprisings was a pretty shocking story about Chevron’s oil spill response plan for its drilling in the North Sea. It’s a worrying read, with lots about their repeated computer crashes when trying to model spill scenarios. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect anything else from a company who said that dolphins and wales would likely be unaffected by a spill “given their good swimming abilities, relative intelligence and nomadic behaviour”.

The government doesn’t appear worried though and seems happy to let them continue boring holes in the sea bed. Not reassuring.

Does anyone else think the spill picture looks like they’re giving us the finger?

Have a read of the confidential correspondence between the government and Chevron. Here’s their oil spill response plan.

Panorama – embedded with the IDF…

Tonight was a mega-painful watch. I don’t know why I do it, but sometimes I’m a glutton for getting angry at the telly. I saw a few tweets from maydayblues which went a bit like this: Continue reading ‘Panorama – embedded with the IDF…’

Oil and nationalism

Nationalism and Oil

Take two of the nastiest things around and you’re bound to get grim results. Nationalism and oil make for an unhappy world.
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