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US Elections: The invisible Supreme Leader

Obama and Romney World

What I used to dislike about the Iranian elections is what I dislike about all national elections today: they’re all fake.

There is a choice but it’s not a meaningful one.

With the Iranian elections the argument would be: Ahmadinejad or Karroubi/Mousavi, it doesn’t matter, the real power is with Khamenei the Supreme Leader. So you can elect the Iranian President but you can’t elect the Supreme Leader. Well that’s the situation we’ve all got today, even in the US.

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Borders divide us but frontiers unite

Get over the cheesy voiceover and suppress your cynicism for 3 minutes.

This is what it’s all about.

Green Bob takes a stand for real democracy

Bob Brown - Leader of the Australian Greens

Big respect for Bob Brown – leader of the Australian Green Party – who took a stand for borderless democracy in their senate a couple of weeks ago.

In a senate debate in support of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, he said:

“We go to war over supporting democracy in countries elsewhere around the world. The opposition certainly supported the invasion of Iraq on the basis of extending democracy to that country. When it comes to a principle of democracy being given to the near seven billion people on the planet, it seems that there is no willingness to support that ethic of democracy whatever.”

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Oil and nationalism

Nationalism and Oil

Take two of the nastiest things around and you’re bound to get grim results. Nationalism and oil make for an unhappy world.
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