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Happy birthday Shane

Shane Bauer
Today I’m fasting for my mate Shane, who is 29 today.

Together with friends across the world, I’m protesting Shane and Josh’s detention in Iran’s notorious jail for political prisoners, Evin.

Shane was captured in a cross-border raid by Iranian forces while in Kurdistan in Northern Iraq in 2009, along with another of my friends Sarah Shourd (since released) and their mate Josh Fattal. Continue reading ‘Happy birthday Shane’

Green Bob takes a stand for real democracy

Bob Brown - Leader of the Australian Greens

Big respect for Bob Brown – leader of the Australian Green Party – who took a stand for borderless democracy in their senate a couple of weeks ago.

In a senate debate in support of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, he said:

“We go to war over supporting democracy in countries elsewhere around the world. The opposition certainly supported the invasion of Iraq on the basis of extending democracy to that country. When it comes to a principle of democracy being given to the near seven billion people on the planet, it seems that there is no willingness to support that ethic of democracy whatever.”

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Why is Iran holding Pro-Palestinian activists?

Picture of Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd
New Website:

It is almost a year since Iran detained my friends Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd (and their friend Josh).

It demonstrates just how empty the Iranian government’s claim to defend Palestinian rights really is.

Shane and Sarah – who were living in Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp at the time – have done more for Palestinians and against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that pretty much every Arab and Iranian I know.
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Iraq and the terror of war


Today’s truck bomb in Baghdad has killed well over a hundred people.

In our media, it becomes just another bomb attack in Iraq – a conflict that bores us these days. Well, to jog your memory, here’s a list of major bomb attacks in Iraq since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein:

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