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#occupywallstreet vs Avaaz

Avaaz vs #occupywallstreet
I wonder how many people at Avaaz saw the irony of their email calling on people to sign a petition in solidarity with protesters on Wall Street.

Adbusters, who put out the original call for #occupywallstreet back in July, are vocal critics of ‘clicktivism‘, the derogatory term for the growing industry of organisations (like Avaaz and 38 degrees) who try to mobilise people around clicking petition links. Don’t get me wrong, I sign many of Avaaz’s emails, but there are significant issues with their model. Continue reading ‘#occupywallstreet vs Avaaz’

Twitter does not a revolution make
Just finished an updated version of Check it out, use it to share media, organise and act.

Because that’s what media is good for, informing us and arming us. But it means nothing unless we turn that into action.

That’s the hard bit.
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