Who drowned the Salama sisters?

Salama sisters, Palestinian refugees living in Syria who drowned when their boat capsized while leaving Egypt.

These beautiful sisters from the Salama family drowned yesterday when a boat of Palestinians and Syrian refugees capsized near Alexandria. They were from Basel’s street in Yarmouk camp, Damascus. May they and their family find peace. (message from my friend Emily, on Facebook)

I didn’t know the Salama family or these beautiful girls but I spent much of my two years in Syria living in Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, not far from their house.

There are more than 2 million refugees fleeing the carnage in Syria, and so far David Cameron has refused to accept a single one for resettlement.

It’s easy for us to blame the people smugglers for cramming vulnerable people into unstable boats, but not enough of us are asking why those fleeing conflict have to take these dangerous routes anyway? Why aren’t we welcoming the Salama sisters into our countries with open arms?

If this – and other migration news – is making you mad, get in touch. There’s a bunch of people coming together to work on this but many hands make light work as they say. Drop me a message on Twitter if you’re interested.

Update from Refugee Solidarity Movement:

Refugees Solidarity Movement met with “Sohair”, in Karmoz police station. the mother of the 3 beautiful & young girls we posted their pictures earlier on the page… Sohair lost all three of her daughters… she saw all of them drowning one after the other, clinging by her neck, but giving up in the end as they were kept without anyone coming for rescue for 6 hours!
The reason why Sohair left was to find a cure for one of her daughters who’s totally paralyzed! She told me:
“I went to cure one of my daughters… I lost the three of them…”
The whole world should feel ashamed now…

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