Give Your Goat Vote!


This blog has been dormant for a while – partly because I’ve been working flat out on Give Your Vote.

A few years back on this blog I floated the idea of Americans ‘giving their votes’ to Iraqis so that they could have a say in the decisions that affect them.

Well that never happened. But we did finally manage to do it in the UK. The idea was to challenge the way people ‘give’ charity to other parts of the world and ask: what if we gave power? What if we lived in a truly democratic world, where politicians were accountable to those they affect, regardless of what side of the border they live on.

We had over two thousand people give their votes to participants in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana who decided which candidate was best for them.

Relaying the vote by text message, the UK partner then just ticked the box.

It was a great campaign and massively exceeded all of our expectations (media coverage here). But now we’ve got to get thinking … what next?

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